View Full Version : Rodent in my a/c duct

05-14-2017, 09:04 PM
I have a 1997 Avion Westport 5th wheel. At least one rodent have gotten into my a/c duct. I also have lost power to all but 1 12v light, & 1 110v light. There is small pieces of insulation in the vents. I assume they have chewed thru the duct work & found the wiring & chewed thru those also. Any one have any experience in this area?

05-14-2017, 10:18 PM
Don't have anything brilliant to tell you, but if you have gotten the dastardly creature out of the way, then figuring out where the wires come from might be the first step. Probably not going to be easy running more wires, but access to the roof areas can be made by removing the ventilation fans and the small sewer vents on top--you might be able to see where the damage is.
Hope this doesn't turn out too hard to fix, rats and mice are tough to fight.

And, welcome to the forum.


05-16-2017, 09:46 AM
You may need to get a duct camera. Used by professionals who do duct work and cleaning.
Or you could get one that plumbers use or one that chimney repair people use to inspect chimneys for cracks.

You need something that gives you video access to find out where the damage is and what needs to be repaired.

Good luck. It does not sound like it will be easy.