View Full Version : hello from OH looking for something new

04-16-2017, 02:22 AM
Hey guys, the name is chuck. I currently have a 1999 thor fifth avenue. I'm looking to get into something a little newer. I recently started renovating my trailer and come to realize I'm not a fan of the build quality of it. Everything just seems kind of cheesy to me. I travel a lot for work and 8 month out of the year call my trailer my home. I really like the newmar mountain aire, drv select and elite suites. If anyone has any other recommendations for me to take into consideration I would greatly appreciate it. Has to be a good well built trailer, at least 36 ft, and a good bit of counter space. Weight isn't a issue as I have a few trucks of varying size and power. Thanks in advance everyone!

04-16-2017, 09:17 AM
The Newmars were stout units and very heavy--but aren't made any more. If you can find one you like, it should do well for you. As to the DRV units--Elites are just Mobiles blinged up--Selects are a step down in quality and construction is completely different. We just traded for a '15 Mobile Suites 38RSSA after 10+ years in an '05--if you buy used and check it over good, that should be your best bet. Go online for the DRVSuites.com and look over the floorplans and find the one that suits you best, then check on
RVTRader.com RVT.com and pplmotorhomes.com
for used unit pricing/availability