View Full Version : Newbie - tow weight question - Tundra+Arctic Fox

03-07-2017, 05:25 PM
I have a 2013 Tundra w/tow package.

I'm looking at an Arctic Fox 23 foot with a 6,620 lbs dry weight and an 800 lb pin weight. The gross vehicle weight is quoted at 9,500 lbs.

I'm getting lost in all the back and forth that I've found on the net.

5thwheelerist.com "RV Tow Check puts the max 5th wheel tow@ 5,250 (hitch trailer at 10.300)

Can anyone out there help me cut through all this to the real world?

Thank you.


03-09-2017, 08:36 AM
First, you can't do anything but speculate about the trailer until you get it, if you use the numbers from the mfg. When you say 'pin' weight, is this a fifth wheel? 800lbs is low for the PW on a 6620 dry weight unit--if it is a travel trailer, then do you mean 'tongue' weight is 800lbs?
But to use what you gave us--go with the GVWR (9500) and use 20% (1900) as max pin weight for a fiver and 10% (950) as max tongue weight. Then compare these weights to what Toyota says your Tundra can handle.
However, if you tow a 9500lb trailer with a Tundra, you are going to feel some 'tag wagging the dog' effect without a Hensley Arrow or ProPride hitch. If it is a fiver, then a 9500lb trailer with possible 1900lb pin weight will probably overload the rear axle and possibly the payload rating.
Give us more actual numbers to help better.

And, welcome to the forum.