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Jim n Iowa
02-11-2006, 07:18 PM
I am really new to this, but what are the parameters of a mdt, and what examples of 5'rs can it safely tow.
My reason for asking is we visited a rv dealership and liked the Hitch Hiker models. I was concerned about the weight of the models. The sales person inquired as to my thoughts on a tow vehicle. I told him I would get a 1 ton 4x4 ram. His reply was "son you could pull anything off this lot with that truck". Well I have been lurking on rv sights long enough to get concerned about 5'r weight. Also I am over 60. If we want to go full time, then a 29-31ft, which was our first choice to start out, would not be satisfactory for long. However a 35'+ would more likely fill the bill. I know a "1 ton will pull it" but will it stop it? And considering the wear and tear etc. So what do you use, and tell me about solo in ice and snow?

The Mad Norsky
02-11-2006, 10:07 PM
The first biggest mistake most people make in getting a fifth wheel IS::: :D

They listen to the salesman. And I am not fooling or being funny here. The salesman is out to make a sale, does not, with a 90% certainty here, know how to match up your truck with an appropriate fifth wheel, and neither he/she or the RV dealership is liable for any consequences their bungling may cause.

That said a couple items.

First, you would be pleased with ANY of the Hitchhiker line. A great company, good customer service and good factory support. I have owned mine for three seasons now, and it has been virtually trouble free. Mine is the Discover America (or Discover Canada, depends on where you are :D ) series.

I have heard the "stopping it" for a long time, but frankly do not completely buy into that. What are the fifth wheel trailer brakes for?

Lastly, the MDT. I am not an expert here, as I tow with 1-ton Chevy dually. I AM looking into getting an MDT, (along with new Hitchhiker Champagne 37 CKRD :D ) but that is still down the road. A properly set up MDT should tow, stop, and carry the pin weight of just about any sized fifth wheel you want.

A web site called Escapees RV Forum has a lot of info on MDT's; here is a link for you:

Bad link posted here, see next post for correction; sorry!

The Mad Norsky
02-11-2006, 10:10 PM
The link I posted above is not good.

This one should work:


02-11-2006, 11:26 PM
Jim in Iowa

The Mad Norsky said it pretty well. I usa a 2004 F 450 to pull my 06 36TK3 I had aready bought an F 350 but it was not enough truck to make my towing experience a pleasant one with this trailer. I'm not a diesel man so I can't say much about the diesel's except that they are not for me. My 450 is a V-10 with 5.38 gears trailer special. I will install some Banks power products on it when warm weather comes.

02-11-2006, 11:30 PM
Hey Norsky

Glad to hear the good comments about the Hitchhiker we are pretty sure that the 37LK Bedroom Suite is going to be the replacement for our 06 36TK3 Mobile Suite. I need to find a forum for the Hitchhiker just to make sure I don't make another mistake like the MS. I found the MS forum to late to be of help my coach was almost here when I discovered the forum. Had I found the forum sooner I might have stood down on the MS. As always good camping.

02-12-2006, 12:20 AM
We started fulltime June 2000 with a 1 ton crewcab long bed with 454 . Before GM had thier diesel. It pulled but stoping?. In Nov. 2004 we got our MDT is was 4 years old, but cost no more than the 1 ton after adding the extras it needed. I pull 15,000lbs far less than the MDT could and less than most MDT's do. I do get after hitting 60,000 12mpg or more some times with 5er. Solo it will slow down to 10mph roll from 50mph in 200 ft. With the 5er down to 10mph roll 275 ft. with out useing the brakes, faster when light braking. And that is why we bought an MDT.

Larry & Kathy plus Mojo