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01-23-2017, 07:25 PM
We live full time in a DRV Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel RV. We love traveling around the U.S. doing volunteer work and by volunteer work, we mean unpaid - yes really for free.

How did we end up at this place in our lives?

In 2014 we were in New York off and on throughout the year doing volunteer work. (The picture below is a picture of us on the volunteer project in 2014.) We came home and asked ourselves, "why are we paying for a mortgage, when a 2500 square ft. house is not necessary to make us happy?" So we decided to sell our house and almost everything we own and moved into a fifth wheel travel trailer. The trailer is 395 square ft. and we couldn't be happier! We have completely decluttered our lives and are living a minimalist lifesyle. This has allowed us to reduce the amount of paying work that we have to take since our expenses are almost nothing. Now we both work part-time, enabling us to spend more time (averaging 70 hours per month each) doing the volunteer work we love. Our simplified lifestyle allows us to live a happy and fulfilling way of life!

What kind of part-time work do we do?

Kevin does heavy equipment and fifth wheel travel trailer transporting and inspections around Georgia and our immediate surrounding states.

Alecia works on various projects as a sub-contractor for a bank that she used to work full-time for. In addition, she helps small businesses use their Quickbooks software.
We have a blog, but according to rules from this site, I don't think we're allowed to post the link.

01-23-2017, 09:20 PM