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John Harrelson
02-11-2006, 04:20 PM
The worlds first headache

One day God decided he wanted to have more people on this planet he made so he called Adam from the garden and said unto him .. “Adam, I want you to go into the garden and kiss Eve”

“Ok God”, Adam replied, “but what is a kiss ?” So God explained to Adam what a kiss was and how to do it and Adam went into the garden to find Eve.

About hour later Adam came out of the garden grinning and said unto God, “Hey God, that was nice, I liked it”

Pleased by this report, God then told Adam to return to the garden and speak softly in Eves ear while caressing and stroking her body.

“But what words shall I speak softly in her ear God ?” Adam asked.

And God said, “It does not matter what words, she will not listen anyway, just make the words soft, sweet and meaningless”

So Adam obediently returns to the garden in search of Eve. About two hours goes by and finally Adam comes from the garden all excited, jumping up and down grinning from ear to ear and yells out ..

“Wow !! God, that was great, it was fantastic, can I do it again ? Please please... Pretty please ?”

Now God is very happy and feels confident that his plan to populate the earth will come true, so he says to Adam ...

“Adam, go into the garden and impregnate Eve.”

“Sure God, ... Uh, but how do I do that ?” asked Adam.

So God explains to Adam how to do that and Adam runs back into the garden all excited looking for Eve, knowing in his mind that this sounds even better than the kissing thing and the talking and caressing thing he did before..

About 30 seconds later Adam comes back out of the garden with a sad and confused look on his face. He looks up at God and says, “God, whats a headache?”