View Full Version : Can I blow out with air and be safe in Mi. winter.

11-03-2016, 04:48 PM
I used my 5er for 2 extra weekends in Mi. needed to blow out water so as not to waste anti-freeze. I work at truck shop so I have air. I maded my own adpt. to blow out fresh water side of trailer, and will same adpt be able to blow out black tank flush line. Should I blow out the line to fill the fresh tank from the city water valve in the control center? I have a drain on the fresh tank in the back of trailer. Owner manual says pour anti-freeze into fresh tank. I have never poured anti-freeze into fresh tank. Is this a YES or NO? I have 2 clear lines coming into control center in basement with shut off valves on and going down through floor. Are these for my hot water by-pass? They had anti-freeze in them when I bought this unit in Aug.(first owner didn't use it last summer). Made mistake once not getting anti-freeze in(older trailer)before freeze, but got it inside asap, and saved a lot of heart ache. Thanks for the help.

11-04-2016, 08:03 AM
The two lines going thru the floor to underneath are the low-point drains. If you open them and let them drain--open faucets inside to help letting air into the lines--it should get most of the water out. The water tank drain is separate and it should be drained also.
After the water has stopped draining from the low-points, then you could add air and see what else comes out the lines. Don't forget AF into the drain traps under sinks and shower.
If you drain the water tank, that should be enough for it--no need for AF into it--and if there happens to be a small amount of water somewhere in it, then there is plenty of room for expansion when it freezes.

11-04-2016, 06:50 PM
Thanks so much. I have been worried about it for a couple weeks. Don't want to put AF into the fresh water tank ever. I did add AF to 3 P-traps and toilet. Thanks again