View Full Version : Noob in Virginia

08-17-2016, 10:27 AM
Hello! My name is Richard, currently located in Virginia. Sold my truck and 20' travel trailer. Looking at purchasing a used 38' model to fulltime at least 3 months per year (is that really full timing?). All looking at HDT with auto transmission as a tow vehicle.

After lots of research, DRV's frame stands out, and the 38 RSSB layout looks good. Volvo 730 has the nice side profile view, but I think availability of 770 series may be better since trailer height would likely be almost 13' anyways.

Seems that many of the luxury 5th wheel manufacturers didn't make it through the downturn. Augusta Luxe looks amazing, but sticker shock has me back to 5+ year o!d used models.

Would just be me traveling along with a dog. Looking forward to exploring the upper midwest soon!