View Full Version : Yep - another newbie

plain ol Bill
07-18-2016, 11:02 PM
Well not completely new. I had a 30 ft. Terry for many years and I lived in it on construction jobs coast to coast. Retired 14 yrs ago and sold it. Had a neighbor that his family had to step in and place him and his wife into a managed care facility. To make a long story short I purchased his truck and trailer from the family. So we now own a 1991 Ram one ton dually and an 1989 Travel Lite 5th wheel. Both are in VERY good condition. Truck has 85K original miles and it and the trailer were always under roof when parked. I expect some age problems and will be asking you folks quite a few questions. Hope you are a patient bunch;)

07-21-2016, 08:07 PM
Welcome, and ask away. Someone here can probably help with anything that comes up, or can point you to a solution.