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01-18-2006, 03:03 PM
Tow vehicle question is listed below---

I suggest you enable avatars in the config settings of the forum - that way individuals can add some uniqueness to their posts -- like this

01-18-2006, 09:47 PM
Sorry happydog but I disagree. This site is uniquely refreshing due to the absence of Avatars. I hope they are never activated here.

This site is dedicated to 5th wheels of all types. I understand that you love your dog and are proud to show it off but what does that have to do with 5vers? That is the crux of the problem with Avatars, everyone lining up to outcute the other guy and detracting from the intent of the forum. I find Avatars just get in the way. Would it not be better to discretely post a URL in your profile directing people to one of the many photo sites where you can arrange a display of any number of photos you want? That is being done successfully by several members of this forum.

Sorry if I have rained on anybody's parade but that is my opinion. Anybody else have one?


01-18-2006, 10:53 PM
That's the beauty of opinions - we can all have one.

Personally - I enjoy the additional info they bring about the poster - and yes, you 're right - I love my dog. It has nothing to do with 5ers - says a bit about me - which you can either like or not like.

Simple names - convey less information - although the monicker RodeWorthy does convey information.

I'm not a big fan of photo sites - too much information although well done web sites are always fun to peruse.

No intent to start a flame war here -

I'm a newbie to RV's and 5er's so let me post my real question

Well my wife and I have made the decision to live in a FW full time. Working and travelling as we want.

I have a 06 Chevy 2500 HD with the new duramax/allison -rated as follows -
GCWR 22000#
GVWR 9200#
Max Trailer wt allowed (per chevy 15400#)
Trailer kingpin ratings up to 3000# (15%-25%)loaded trailer wt.

The FW - we are loking at is a 34RLT Holiday Presidential GVWR 16950#
Unloaded 11750#
Hitch Wt 2325 #
So...it looks to my newbie brain that the rig should be OK provided we don't load either the truck or trailer to the max.

Do any of you have experience pulling similarly sized FW's with a 3/4 ton diesel?

I own the truck - so my only options at this time would be to buy a smaller FW.

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

Steve :)


Stacy W.
01-18-2006, 11:43 PM
Avatars - anything that slows the loading of the forum when I am using a very slow connection, takes away from the enjoyment of the forum. I'm for reducing the amount of stuff that doesn't help convey information on the particular subject.

Truck - get your truck weighed, Steve and you will really have a truer picture of how much you can load the trailer. Don't forget to account for the weight of the hitch and the co-pilot. Our truck is below its rating as is the trailer but he combined weight is higher that the truck's GCWR by about 500 pounds.

Good luck

01-19-2006, 03:37 PM
Happydog, you are right about the beauty of everybody being able to have their own opinon. There are places in this world that can get you into trouble. Sometimes we take that freedom too much for granted.

My reply was not intended to flame you. That is not my style. I just had a different viewpoint on the Avatars. If a majority agreed with your request I would accept that. I just wanted my chance to vote and without malice.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your decision to fulltime even though you are new to RVing and FW. You are at the right place to find out information but you will find that the forum is dominated by the Mobile Suites people. There is a wonderful group of people here and the posts are interesting and informative.

I am in much the same position as you but I am not going to fulltime - at least not yet. Don't want to burn any bridges until we try the lifestyle. RodeWorthy was chosen to convey my hope that I am indeed worthy of heading down the road with my 5W in tow some day.

I do not own either a 5W or the truck yet so we have more options than you. I will be interested in the comments your post will reap so thank for asking the questions. Keep them coming.


01-19-2006, 04:38 PM
Thanks RodeWorthy - I agree - we live in a great part of the world and Friends new and old can be friends and have different opinions.

I have gotten replies to the truck issue on this and another forum -- there are lots of opinions - and confusing facts.

I think the safest is to get an MDT or HDT truck - but unfortunately I already own my 3/4 T diesel ( and like it a lot). It has value to me whether I RV or not. We haven't made the BIG commitment to fulltiming yet. I Think I will keep the truck - make sure the tires are rated for max load (change out the OEM tires) and just see how it goes. Our first year travelling will be limited. Based on that experience - when I'm ready to go full time (if that happens) I can revisit the truck or RV size.

All in all it looks to be a fun way to go -- so we are doing our research to keep the "Big mistakes" to a minimum.

Thanks for you nice reply -- :)