View Full Version : Andersen Ultimate Aluminum 2016 Model Update

05-15-2016, 06:27 PM
I previously owned the original 2015 Ultimate Aluminum and liked it a lot. Back then I did a Youtube video with comments about my installation. I've made some changes in equipment and I now am back to the Andersen Ultimate only this one is the most recent 2016 model that had a few nice changes.

I'm one of those Andersen fans that installed the kingpin adapter backward to change the pivot point to better match my mor/Ryde pinbox. Texas weather these last few weeks has kept me off the road, so I decided to do an updated Youtube video. As with the first one, this video was unsolicited and uncompensated, I just did it for fun and in case it may answer anyone questions. Also, I admit to posting this exact same message on other RV Owners forums.

Here's the link: 2016 Andersen Ultimate Update and kingpin reverse explained (https://youtu.be/u_Iy4MrNIa8)