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05-09-2016, 02:30 PM
Hi everyone;
We just started living in full time and moved into an rv park for the summer. It has 30 amp service and I am using the adaptor to convert from 50 to 30 amp at the post. We have never had issues with 30 amp before but here we are continually blowing the breaker on the electrical post. It is metered as we are on a monthly rate. I talked to the owners and they told me no one else has ever had a problem with this site before. We are running our hot water tank on electric and a plug in water cooler,and the fridge on electric. If we use anything else ie:coffee machine or too many lights it blows the breaker. I am using the 50 amp cord with the adaptor to reduce down to 30 amp, could this be the problem? Is the a way to check how much total draw the rig is pulling from the post? The wife is getting really peeved with the situation....please any suggestions. Happy camping everyone

05-09-2016, 03:10 PM
Your trailer was designed to work best on 50amp service--if you only have 30amp, then you have to put up with the inconvenience. Just wait til you have some warm weather that requires the AC, then you will really know what inconvenience is.
Besides remembering to turn a resistance electrical device off before turning on another, I would really try to find a 50amp campsite so you don't have to worry so much about tripping a breaker.
However, if you have used the 30amp adapter a lot before this park, then it may well be the power pedestal causing the problem--of course, it is 'never the park's problem.'
Also, consider moving to another site within the park, or just get enough 30 amp extension cord to hook into the site next door and try it that way--just using a house extension cord won't work, has to be a 30amp extension cord.