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03-31-2016, 12:14 AM
Hi All, I've purchased a new Keystone Couhar 327RES with a 2-6 volt battery system. After sitting for 2 months I want to recharge the batteries(no 50 amp outlet at my house yet). My battery charger has 3 settings: 2 amp 6 volts, 2 amp 12 volt or 10 amp 12 volt. I'm not in a hurry to buff up the batteries so is 2 amp 12 volt a better choice than 10 amp 12 volt. Or because I have 2-6 volt batteries I should be using 2 amp 6 volt setting?

Also considering using a charger/ maintainer to trickle charge the batteries when parked at home.

In either instance the red clamp or ring connector goes to the positive post on the first battery and the black would go to the negative post on the second battery.

How my doing with this?


03-31-2016, 11:22 PM
Your 2 6volt batteries are wired in series to product 12volt--use only the 12volt side of the charger.
Take this time to purchase a nice multi-stage charger--Schumacher makes many good ones--lots with digital readouts.
You have the connections right--just be sure you are recognizing the posts correctly. RVs have white wires as the negative, and red or black as the positive. You can use either the poles on one battery, or positive on one, negative on the other--it will charge either way--but probably better to use one pole off each battery.
As to recharging at the house--plugging in a household extension cord will use the converter to charge the batteries--no need for 30a or 50a. You would just need the adapters to get from your 50a trailer to 30a to 15a. Or you can go directly from 50a to 15a with the right adapter. The converter (battery charger) does not care whether it is 50a/30a/15a coming in, it will work on any of those as long as the adapters are correct.
Be sure when you get the 50a setup that the electrician understands this is not 240 volt 50a, it is 120volt.

03-31-2016, 11:35 PM
The cables are red and black with the black battery cable going to ground on the chassis. Any unforeseen problem with using the 10 amp charge setting? I used the 2 amp setting overnight.
Thanks for your help. I enjoy reading your answers/ solutions to questions/problems.

03-31-2016, 11:57 PM
I have used my battery charger powered from the generator (built-in) to charge the batteries. It does a much better job faster than the converter. If I manage to let the batts get way down, I use the 10a setting for about an hour, then drop it lower.
'course, when using the gen, it is also charging the batts...
Not being the sharpest electrician around, I would use the high setting for a period of time, the go to the next lower (6?) before using the 2a setting.
You should be able to use the 2a for as long as you want.
Be sure the battery fluid is at the correct level before charging...

04-01-2016, 12:30 AM
Checked out charging today and the voltage was up to 12.5 volts after being on 2 amp overnight. ( my self leveling system tell the battery charge level)

Checked the fluid level today and it seemed they were lower that what I've read the level should be. Plates were still covered. Added some distilled water but only up to bottom of fill opening. Not over filled.

No generator...yet��. Wife doesn't know yet.