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03-13-2016, 12:09 PM
Having what to me is a strange issue with a progressive dynamics DP 9180 converter. The voltage out put from the converter with the out put leads removed is 13.8V. Here is where it gets strange. When the out put leads are connected to the converter and yet disconnected at the batteries the voltage drops to 2.2V. I did install a new charge wizard first but no luck. That when I checked further and discovered this issue. Cleaned all the connections but no go. Anybody ever run across anything similar to this? Hate to replace it only to find it is something else. Oh and the so called salesman 12v switch is working OK. Thanks

03-13-2016, 04:44 PM
Not sure about your problem, but if you might be interested--
I have a newly reman PD9180 w/CW. Mine went out and could not wait for shipping to factory, so bought a new one. Then went ahead and sent it in for reman. I believe the cost was $116. I'd take $100 + shipping if you want to try it.
One other item to check--you are sure both batteries are good?

03-14-2016, 12:09 PM
Joe thanks for the reply. Near as I can tell the batteries are OK. One is showing 6.4V and the other is 6.5V. I don't own a hygrometer if I spelled that right. The voltage drop happens even when the leads from the converter are disconnected from the batteries. Really odd symptom. Just came back from Fla and lived in it a month with no trouble. Thanks for the offer on the recon but I think I'll replace this one with a 9280. I have the converter apart on my bench and it does show one pretty good hot spot on the board which may be normal but it did do a hard charge in Alabama on the way home and thinking back I didn't hear the fan at all and for that matter haven't heard it in a long time. Oh I did call the manufacturer. Talked to a women who then talked to someone and back and forth several times. I was told that they think "something is wrong with the converter". Really! Also because of it's age they wouldn't repair it but would sell me a reman at $200+. If I can repair it I'll keep for a spare like you and carry it around and probably never use it. Thanks again. PS Do you want a spare charge wizard. Brand new used 30 seconds. If so PM or Email me an address.