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03-10-2016, 08:59 PM
Looks like a great format. Thanks for opinions. Looking for a new FW for near full time use. DRV and Luxe or other well built trailers. Guess I will check out forums for right one.:cool:

03-13-2016, 04:51 PM
Welcome, hope you get some ideas here.

Take your time to visit some RV shows and then take a look at the Owners Forum Groups of interesting models to see what real-time use reviews say.


03-15-2016, 11:39 PM
Thanks much. Been looking at the SOITC forum and getting a little scared. Some of the complaints are the same people with a bone to pick, some justified, some maybe not. But some QC issues on new vehicles and same parts breaking for years has me worried.Seems like a lot of love for the Knoxville, TN and Elk City Ok folks. Maybe a good PDI will solve many of these problems. Been to Houston and Austin RV shows. Really like the DRV MS and ES units. Not sure what else to do but really appreciate your thoughts.

03-16-2016, 05:43 PM
You are not going to acquire any new unit without something to fix/adjust/replace--at least according to the other RV forums I keep up with.
As far a prep work, and repair work, I just came back from leaving my '05 at RollingRetreats for a couple months (was in no hurry) and he took care of everything on the list and even a couple of things I hadn't noticed.
The PDI is imperative on all these new trailers, and I suspect that most dealers who care will look it over well before notifying the buyer it is in--once the buyer knows it is there, or is told when it will be arriving, the anxiety factor kicks in and I would think it difficult to put them off with "Well, there is a lot of stuff to fix before it will be ready" That wouldn't exactly inspire confidence, would it?
Based on forum feedbacks, RVs4Less and RollingRetreats really want the new units to be a perfect as possible.
While at RR yesterday, looking at the new ones being prepped, sure gets the juices flowing to get a new one myself...

03-18-2016, 11:21 AM
Thanks Joe for helping me understand the process. Will be buying before the end of the year with service and honesty being at the top of the list for a dealer. Heard so many good things in forums and RV parks about RR. Will definitely be talking to Alicia and the folks at RVs for Less fairly soon. Don't want to bother them way ahead of time but I got the juices flowing for a well built RV also. Sorry for the delay but I am having problems learning how to navigate these sites. Hope to see a bunch of you around the country fairly soon. Happy RVing!

03-18-2016, 05:08 PM
Most fulltimers are anxious to pick up their new units. PDI's don't always show everything, you've got to stay in it for a few days, a few months and some things take a year or so to show up.

Rolling Retreats was by far the best to work with for picking up the unit. The other 2 Suite Dealers had no overnight campsites available for us, and just wanted to get us on our way. Must say, we felt the same way. But with RR, we stayed longer because of the bad weather system that moved in. Picked up a few extra pieces of molding so David could fix what they missed when we had time.

We've also gone to Slade for warranty service. His new shop is roomy and they have multiple spaces to park overnight, so you aren't homeless and staying in a motel. Spent some time in their Tornado Shelter, too.

We did have to leave the Suite for nearly a week in July and go to OK to start a new project. The last week of June, all 3 AC's decided to quit within days of each other. Was busy time for Mobile Techs in Albuquerque, so all they could do was diagnose the first two. A call to Slade and we made an appointment to drop it off as we were passing through. All 3 covered and nearly done by the time we headed back to his shop. The 3rd one was done on the day we arrived, so we went to lunch and it was parked and everything running after we got back. Gave us time to retest everything and feel the cool breezes from working AC's.