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Bill Kitchen
02-11-2016, 02:28 PM
We are new to 5th wheel camping having completed the 10 year evolution from 6 tents to a 2013 KZ Escape Hybrid 18' and now entering our second year in the 2015 Salem Hemisphere 327 RES. (We needed more room for her shoes).

We have completed our first year with 81 nights camping, from 32 degrees C in the summer to -41 degrees C in winter. This weekend we will burn 30 lbs of propane per day in -31 degree camping. (I guess it is a Canadian thing)

We have a powerful furnace, electric heater, mattress heater, and Grand Marnier to keep us warm. This time of year we are winterized but use a 5 gallon water bottle and a porta potty located in the shower stall. We are on shore power for hydro and rotate out 3 x 30 propane tanks and 2 x 20 lb if we run short. With marble counter tops working like an ice cube, it takes a while to get the place up to temperature. We keep the slides in to minimize the cube needed to heat as well as protecting the slide seals.

We are in our late 60s otherwise we would be roughing it more. Retirement is on the horizon, with possibly Arizona, Texas or Florida as possible snow bird sanctuaries once the Canadian dollar recovers to an acceptable level (40% exchange is just crazy)

We have a fixed site just north of Hamilton in Freelton but plan to get a 3/4 Diesel TV once I can make up my mind on brand and begin to travel more, possibly Atlantic Canada, or New York Finger Lakes District.

We are open to all suggestions, chat, advice (other than not camping in winter) and ways to maintain our retreat.

Bill & Sam (girlfriend)

02-12-2016, 12:03 AM
Hey, welcome to the forum.
You are way braver than I (and my wife) to be camping at those temps. 81 nights camping is doing very well, but you do need to adjust the timing to higher C degrees...
Texas--and, also Florida and Arizona--would welcome your money, even if it isn't worth as much (never have figured the exchange deal out, tho it sounds good to me at this time, as we are going to AK this summer).
And, you killed my best advice with the 'other than not camping in winter' deal...
At late 60s, you are just a little behind us, so you have a few more years to get it right.
Again, don't camp in winter--way cheaper, more comfortable to go spring to fall, even with litres of G.Marnier...
And, man, if you need a porta-potty to camp without freezing up--take a cruise to the Bahamas.

02-13-2016, 08:31 PM
Bill you are a tough old bird, no way I would purposefully do what you & your DW are doing right now.
There must be significant moisture building up in numerous places inside your 5th wheel.
That too will have to be dealt with later on when things warm up I suspect.
I'm a Quebecer, and I know what real cold is, exchange rate or not, I am in Naples,FL. until April.
You only here for a short time!


Bill Kitchen
02-14-2016, 07:32 PM
Thanks for the comment here Diesel-gypsey. As a camper from PQ you understand the cold Canadian winters. We arrived a 2 pm and put the propane heater on, the electric bedroom heater and the matress heater. We always leave the ceiling vent in the bathroom open 2" to vacate the humidity and when we leave, I open both vents and the door for 20 minutes to blow out any remaining humidity that the Dehumidifier did not eliminate. We also have 3 dry crystal trays in the camper that help a lot.
In 23 hours we burned ~40 lbs of propane while keeping toasty warm. The camp ground had a huge buffet and DJ dance with over 80 guests. Great way to spend Valentines Day.


02-15-2016, 10:45 AM
Well Bill you are at least aware of the moisture and seem to have a handle on it.
I also misunderstood your original post, and I assumed you were in the 5th wheel all winter, not just the odd week-end.

I do some winter-camping my-self each year, but I draw the line at 15*f.
If the outdoor temperature is forecast lower that that, I bail.
But for 3 nights at a time it is kinda fun, I agree.