View Full Version : 2014 GMC Denali 3500 drw towing question

01-04-2016, 09:47 PM
Looking to purchase either a 43 ft mobile suites Napales or a 41 rssb4.

Looking to see if anyone had any experience towing one of them with a 1 ton dually. I drive a lot of heavy equipment and have for over 20 years. i have a payload capacity of right at 5000 with a 5th wheel towing capacity of 22600

I have been told that the Naples with 3 axles with have a lighter hitch pin weight than the 41 rssb4. We are light weight full timers with around 2k of cargo.

Not looking to get into the hdt's will pull it better discussion just looking to hear from people that pull with a 1 ton dually.

Thanks for any help