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11-11-2015, 05:50 AM
I have a 2004 DRV and have half the outlets on a run not working. replaced circuit breaker, had an electrician check it out. He said I had power to the main outlet that fed the rest not working but not enough to make anything work He said I had a black wire and copper wire touching some where. he pulled all the outlet down the run from the last one working. everything is fine. he said "it has to be in the wire coming from the ceiling". By the way ....the outlets not working are in the biggest slide out and end of fifth wheel. he kept saying "You have a pinched wire ...like the black wire and copper are touching somewhere." I have no idea where to look. so question is how does the line come from the breaker? we know it goes to bedroom and everything works there but it also feeds the front left side and front end to include the slide out. Can there be two wires off a breaker going both direction? how does the wiring get to the end of trailer thru the ceiling or under carriage? an electrical diagram would help a lot. Tks

11-11-2015, 09:39 AM
Just checking, but I'm sure you reset the GFI on the various plugs including the one outside in the water control panel?

11-11-2015, 09:45 AM
There is no diagram to help you, does not exist after listening to DRV owners for 8 years.
Your slide should be wired through a junction box on the frame outside/under the slide. Check in there for water intrusion/corrosion--pull out all wire nuts and take them off to check condition of the wires.
I think the above is correct--if not, maybe someone else will come up with the right idea to try.
Would have thought your electrician would have looked at this??
And, of course, be sure the electricity is off before working on anything...

11-11-2015, 11:30 AM
One time when I lost a tread on a tire the flapping tread loosened the wires inside that box mounted under the slide on the kitchen. There were two junction boxes and one showed signs of being hit so I opened it up and reset the wires. I lost all electric on the kitchen side. The covers were sealed up with some goop to keep them water tight, so used some sealant to reseal once opened up.

11-19-2015, 09:22 AM
OK we have pulled all the plugs on that circuit TWICE. Looked under the slide out and only box under there had Colman on it and the guy helping said that would be for 12V. We are at our wits end. can a GFI outlet not on this circuit be making this happen? Do we need to check all outlets even when it is not on that circuit? Can not find any junction boxes. Suggestions??????

11-19-2015, 10:39 AM
Possibly, there are differences from '04 to '05--when they changed from electric slide operation to hydraulic.
On my '05--the outlets in the door side (large) slide are connected in a junction box at the rear of the slide and on the trailer frame. It is the same size as a single wall switch box with a metal cover on it. I can't feature it not being there, but...
Same thing goes for the off-door (kitchen) slide but at the front with more wiring and TWO of the single junction boxes.
Both slides have the wires supported by a plastic carrier that is connected to the frame and the slide.
Again, mine is an '05 and may be different. Some of the wiring is run under the floor area along and inside the frame. At some point, you will probably have to begin removing the underbelly cover to access areas that the wires run along. All of this is a learning curve gone thru by most owners at some time. This will be a good time to look at the insulation and replace it as, over the years it may have gotten water-soaked or had some rodents living in it--or maybe it is in good shape. Whatever, taking down some of the underbelly cover (plastic, it can be cut and taped back into place) will allow you to inspect parts of the trailer some people never check. Wear safety glasses as there will be rust/dust/screws/sawdust/etc to fall down that were left there in the assembly process.
I know this is annoying to you, but have patience and keep at it.
And, all of the above assumes you have a 3-slide, 36' unit. Most back then were 36TK3s, or 36CK3s. They were also making 32 and 34 ft models.