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12-17-2005, 04:03 PM
Ijust swaithed to T Mobile cell and internet service.... They offer 1500 anytime minutes for $39.00 (I got the weekenes and nights for a additional 410.00)
Best of all I got the internet card (for my laptop) for $49.00 per month with unlimited minutes Its kinda of High Speed (the old old one that they discontuned was $29.00 but slow like dial up)
THATS A ADD.$10.00......not 410 worry.
The card cost something like $200.00 1 time purchase. I looked around and this was the best value that I found.

Good Luck Tomba

12-17-2005, 08:32 PM
What is the coverage area for the internet service, just major cities?
I'm not real sure how well T Mobile covers the nation as a phone even. Are they just by the major cities and freeways or can you get a good signal with out roaming 20 miles from a interstate?