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12-01-2005, 09:06 AM
My husband is heading home with our new F450 ..... well, its new for us, a 2003 ... and we're excited!

However the tires on the truck appear to be the original and need replacement. A quick search with our normal (car) sources proved unsuccessful in locating the correct size.
Where does one find "big" tires?

The current size tires are 225 x 70 x 19.5, the manufacturer is Continental, a brand that we are not familiar with and we're willing to change brands.

Can anyone help us out with sources? Are there specific specs that we should consider when purchasing the new tires?? Your comments are appreciated!

The Mad Norsky
12-01-2005, 08:01 PM
Check with a regular Goodyear or Michelin store, BF Goodrich whatever, and not the chain stores that also sell tires.(like Sears or similar stores). Not sure, even Tires Plus may have that particular size.

If you have already tried say the local Goodyear, then check your yellow pages under trucks or trucking supplies and they should list one that also sells tires.

They should be able to order the tires you need, if they do not already have them in stock.

The two things to check out with the tires you do get are:

a). get the same rated tire as was on the vehicle (load range - tire guy should be able to explain this in full detail).

b) get the tread pattern you want - in other words, highway style tires, or those with a little more aggresive tread style for snow or winter conditions.

12-01-2005, 09:22 PM
Something else to be aware of, is the manufacture date of the tire. They are required to have a DOT date when the tire was born. You will find 4 digits like 4005. The first 2 are the week the tire was made, and the next 2 the year. Look at any set of tires your going to buy and get the dates as close to the same as possible, and as new a date as you can. You would not want to buy new tires that are 2 years old and have been sitting in some warehouse for all that time. I could get you tires from the Detroit area, but by the time you put shipping on, your going to save by buying close to where you live. Do shop and ask the truck guys where they get the best prices, they will know.