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07-11-2015, 05:33 PM
Just thinking about a new 5th wheel and have narrowed the list down to either a MS or a Luxe. Wondering what others out there think about this comparison?

07-11-2015, 06:26 PM
The Luxe is pretty pricy for what you get. They all are! I toured one in Tucson at a show this winter. Was not impressed. They are reluctant to make changes and I did not like some of the factory standards. The one I looked at did have a nice kitchen though. Faucet out of the wall above the full sized gas range was a nice touch. (pot filler is what I think they called it). I do remember there wereseveral mechanical things I did not like but, I can't remember what. Maybe one was that it came with a continious water heater and no other option? Hell to get old.


07-11-2015, 10:28 PM
We have toured the DRV (Mobile Suites) factory several times since they began business and just got the opportunity to tour the Augusta factory this past spring. Augusta reminded us of DRV in their early years with even more attention to assembly detail and overall cleanliness at each stage of the process. Overall they build a very nice rig and the fit and finish on the Luxe we saw was also top notch. Augusta is definitely a company to watch as they progress and companies like DRV had better watch out. That being said, at this time, I still like the overall construction of the Mobile Suites line by DRV much better and feel it is still a heavier and better built rig for full time use.

07-21-2015, 10:35 AM
So we finally got to do a pretty direct comparison of the 2 brands. The first day we toured 2 Luxe's, and then the very next day toured 2 Mobile Suites. Now since none of them were a floorplan we would want, the comparison was based on design and construction only. Construction wise both were well made. The fit and finish were also top notch.

For us it came down to the small things that others may not care about. For us, the Luxe appears to be the better suited. For one thing, the shower door track in the MS has 3 grooves which will be hard to clean. The Luxes use a different track design that is easy to clean. The DRV cabinets in the slide above the kitchen table swing up to open. We have that design now and they are hard for a "height challenged" person (wife) to close once open. The Luxes swing open out not up. The wiring and plumbing of the DRV's looked good, but the Luxes was excellent.. The Luxes come standard with most of the MS options people usually order. Price wise the Luxe is a little cheaper but not by much, and that would not say us one way or the other.

We are on the road right now for the next 4 months or so, but once we settle down for next winter we will consider buying/ordering a Luxe more seriously.

07-22-2015, 08:49 AM
Just something to consider, DRV will also usually try to make changes if requested. The items you like better about the Luxe might be able to be incorporated on a Mobile Suite if you ask. However, in the end, it is whatever you feel comfortable with and like better and the Luxe is a nice rig. The things I think still keeps DRV a step ahead are the 3 1/2 " side walls for better insulation and sound deadening and the 15" stacked box beam frame as opposed to the 12" I beam frame on Luxe. As for a I beam frame, Agusta does use the heaviest gauge steel available so it is still stronger than most I beam frames out there except Forks RV. However, I still prefer a box beam due to better resistance to twisting and flexing. If you get a chance, I suggest you tour both factories and look closer at the unfinished product in different stages of production and ask why they do things the way they do. there are allot of similarities, but you will also see differences that may help you make up your mind or solidify you decision even more.

07-22-2015, 09:01 AM
Good luck with your purchase Don and Donna. I looked at the Luxe via their website and it seems to have some good features. One advantage that the DRV unit has however is its frame. It is much sturdier than the I beam frame used by Luxe (I assume that it uses the Lippert standard) Although Lippert makes DRV frames - they are unique in their triple box section construction. I also prefer the full height body design of the DRV - more cabinet space, but some people may find accessing the upper cabinets difficult.

07-24-2015, 08:12 AM
When we toured the Agusta factory, they told us they were currently using a "small private weld shop" to fabricate the frames. At this time they were sourcing another supplier with higher production capacity and were hoping to find someone other than Lippert. Reason given was that Lippert did not want to use the steel supplier or the heavy weight I beam that Agusta was currently using and specifying to prospective suppliers. Also as an FYI to those looking at Luxe models by Agusta, the next model currently in production will have the straight line roof design just like DRV Mobile Suites line which is supposed to give it a more residential feel but also raises the rear cabinets and also the side slide cabinets (taller slides).

07-24-2015, 06:34 PM
Thanks for all the comments! Yes, the frame construction is a concern. We contacted Augusta and they said their frame was designed in-house. It is constructed from a 12 Forged I-Beam with a 2 Tube welded to the bottom, resulting in a 14 high frame. They actually gave me some strength numbers for comparison. The Luxe is rated at 21 #/ft and the DRV frame is rated at 23 #/ft. Most other frames out there are 10.5 12.5 #/ft. They also mentioned that Lippert was questioning the Augusta frame design saying it was over engineered!
Not sure where the DRV 3-1/2 wall tkns data is coming from. All I could find on the DRV website is 3-1/4, which is the same as the Luxe. Now I am not trying to be a salesman for the Luxe, just trying to keep the facts straight.

07-25-2015, 04:52 PM
Does the Luxe have the interior windows trimmed out, slide base boards, or a 4th slide available. The prices I see are in line with an Elite, weights as well.

Good luck with your choice D&D

07-28-2015, 12:19 PM
Does the Luxe have the interior windows trimmed out, slide base boards, or a 4th slide available. The prices I see are in line with an Elite, weights as well.

Good luck with your choice D&D

Thanks! We really don't care about the window trim, etc. Its just more to dust, and ever so slightly more weight to tow around. The price of the Luxe and Mobile Suites we are looking at are almost the same, as are the weights...so not sure where you saw the info you mention.

Both the DRV and the Luxe are still on our list, but just saw some pics of the 2016 MS interior which may push us more to the Luxe. The added some sort of soffit type construction with LED accent lighting in LR/Kitchen area which to us just looks plain wrong!

07-28-2015, 05:07 PM
ok. The prices I saw at a LUX dealer on line were MSRP for a 39 ft at $145k. I didn't see a 4th slide on the model I was looking at, and and the weight was 19k, I assume dry weight.

I am shopping as well just starting early, maybe 2018 or when our dollar improves. I just wasn't wowed by the LUXE, except for the beautiful F/B paint job and window silks.

Bon chance with your decision. Throw in a new tow vehicle. you're into a quarter mill Canadian dollars.

07-29-2015, 08:03 AM
A couple more things to consider when choosing between DRV Mobile Suites and the Augusta Luxe frame is the structural reason for the frame construction. Although the Luxe uses an extremely strong forged I beam frame, like any I beam, it is more prone to twist and flex than a box beam. DRV uses the box beam to reduce flexing and twisting then stacks it to add more internal cross reinforcement to reduce motion even more. Then when it comes to the actual side wall construction, even though both the Luxe and the Mobiles suites have 3 1/4" aluminum framing and studs, they are constructed differently. Luxe welds the joints to reduce movement, however aluminum is a rigid material and when flexed, the welded joints can be prone to cracking. Mobile Suites side wall joints are screwed together with gussets and the screws glued to prevent loosening to allow joints to flex rather than crack; same way aircraft frames are constructed. There are arguments both ways, but just know the difference and choose which one is preferred.