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Bigdog 427
07-06-2015, 12:15 AM
I am in the process of building me a western hauler type truck to tow my fifth wheel. I have bought a international 4700 crew cab to start with,dt 466 with a allison. My question is if anyone had experience on locating the hitch. What I have is a cab and chassis set up for a 14 foot bed that I am wanting to keep the hitch as close to the rear as I can so that I may haul a smart car If I want. If I go with center line of axle then I won't have enough room behind the cab.

07-06-2015, 10:23 AM
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Don't know anything/can't actually help with your question--but have you looked at the B&W hitch that is made for flatbed use? They might be able to help answer some of your questions. I think the website is www.b&wturnoverball.com if not, just google B&W hitch.


Bigdog 427
07-06-2015, 12:08 PM
I am not computer savey so I don't know if u will get this or not. But thanks for getting back to me. Let me run my idea by u to see if it doesn't even sound reasonable. I know that if I pull my camper with the slider in the rear position my 2500 dodge doesn't do well. But I sorta thought as long of wheel base as this thing has and as heavy of suspension that it might not effect it much. I have been looking at pictures of different factory conversion and haven't seen any good pictures.

Bigdog 427
07-07-2015, 07:55 PM
Does anyone have any experience with auxiliary transmissions

07-07-2015, 10:44 PM
Really need to go to the escapees forum on the MDT section and post there. They have what you are looking for. Most guys like myself hauling with Smart cars loaded are in class 8 HDTs I have seen a few MDTs long enough to make it work. They can advise better on how you will be on the 4700 with axle wt and effect on front when you put hitch at the back.

You do need about 60" between side of Smart and pin can get by in a pinch with 57. Any less you can hit.


03-04-2016, 05:21 PM
I did the same thing with my 4700 IH just put a slider on so you can move it back, load the car, slide forward and hook up. I have a 38' Raptor and even if the pin is behind the axle, the front end is heavy enough. I put my Jeep behind the cab.

Bigdog 427
03-04-2016, 11:26 PM
If u don't mind can I ask what engine and hp do u have. And how does it run out. I've got into couple other projects and had to put building this on the back burner. I've been gathering parts to build it the way I think that I want it. This old truck is a 98 4700 with a 466 210hp. It runs out at 65mph at 2500rpm. So I bought an auxiliary transmission to put behind the allison 5 speed. Anyway this truck with just C&C runs ok but I'm just not sure that I'll be satisfied.

03-05-2016, 10:43 AM
Same as you got, DT466 7.3 Nav. I've since abandoned the rig on moved on to my Pete 379. It just didn't have the HP like you said and topped out at 55mph. This was 10 years ago and concerning your C&C question, I believe that Warn makes an overdrive unit that is bolt on, adds about 10 mph but also serves as a gear splitter too. If you haven't put too much money into it, I would highly recommend going for your class A. It wasn't that hard and I now have 12 liters of diesel power and I can haul my fishing boat or my Jeep BEHIND the 38' toy-hauler!

Bigdog 427
03-06-2016, 12:18 AM
Thanks for getting back to me and if I was a younger man I would. Because I really like the way the 379 looks. I'm not that familiar with a lot of trucks and engine, transmission combos. I just sold my old national with big cam 350 and nine speed it was a great truck for my needs but to tell the truth I would like to get little better fuel milage, mine was 6 or 6.5 mpg. But anyway I sorta think that I could get the old dt up to about 300hp. I would be somewhat satisfied. The older I get the less hurry I'm in. I tow with a 5.9 now and am well satisfied with it. It will run with traffic about anywhere.