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06-07-2015, 04:56 PM
Just bought 2015 F350 SRW 6.7. 23,500 GCWR, Max. 11,300 GVWR, door sticker max. of 3,640 lb's people, cargo , etc. Got my eyes on a 5th with a ship weight of 10,632, CC of 3,045 and a dry hitch of 1,715. My normal additional weight in the TW would be approx. 900 lbs including hitch. Will I be able to handle this trailer?

06-07-2015, 07:34 PM
It is normal to work from the GVWR of the trailer--that would be the ship wt + the CC, which would be around 13700. And it is also normal to assume 20% of the GVWR as the max pin weight of the trailer--2740. So, if the max on the truck is 11300 and 3640 payload, the only things missing are the actual weight of the truck + what you would have in it to travel. You can put 3640 in the truck, but the pin weight might be as high as 2740, which leaves you 900 lbs for people and everything else. You will be right on the edge with the 900lbs you say you will have.
You would also have to be aware of the RAWR and what is already on it when loaded for travel--that, + the pin weight would have to be under the RAWR. And you darn sure don't want to be over the tire capacity.
You need to load up the truck as you would to go camping and go weigh it to get the actual numbers to work with.
And most fivers weigh more than the dry weight when you get it...
Very close, but doable.
Good that you have the 350--lots of folks would have gone with a 250.

Bigdog 427
03-04-2016, 11:41 PM
I'm not going to make recommendations but i tow a holiday rambler with the uv weight listed at 13600 and tow with a 2500 srw dodge 4x4. And at highway speeds it does excellent. I've towed way more with way less. I've never had any tire trouble (knock on wood ) but it is on my mind sometimes when temperature is high and been running hard.