View Full Version : New Member; 2012 F350 6.2L Gas towing Sabre Silhouette

12-28-2014, 02:40 PM
New member and New owner of 5th wheel. Posting of 2012 Ford F350 6.2L gas towing 2014 Sabre Silhouette. Great web site and looks like a lot of information to read, study, get ideas and learn about the world of being a 5th wheel camp and traveler. I did the work sheet from the rv 101 guys video before buying the 5th wheel. We had bought the truck in 2012 which came with the integrated 5th/goose prep package. Bought the Reese Elite 5th wheel hitch, lube plate and cover. The Ford puck system worked great and hitch was installed in 20 minutes. My truck has been to the cat scales and gave a cw=7100 lbs w/full tank, no passengers, no cargo. So,, after doing the work sheet these are my results. Truck cw = 7100 + NP = 3089(passengers,cargo,hitch,20%pin hw) = gvw truck =10189. Final calculation; gvw 10189 - 150 hw = gvw 10039 + 5th Trailer 11769 gvwr = Gcw 21808 lbs truck/trailer. My plan is to take truck and trailer to the cat scales and get my true weight. From the work sheet I hope to be pretty close or hopefully under this total reading. I weighed all cargo and food before loading and did compensate for 1/3 fresh water, 6 gal water in water heater, battery and two full 30 gal propane. I did all this because we wanted to make sure our truck could handle it and looking at the safety factor. In the spring I plan on going down to the cat scales for a true weight reading. This way I will be sure of the weight and can watch what we put in for camping usage. Hopefully I have a bigger buffer because I believe the truck makers fudge on the readings. This was one reason I wanted the 4.30 axle. Plus, I like a long bed and this also was cheaper than getting the slider hitch. My truck label on the door reads gvwr = 10700. from the truck brochure mltwr on 5th wheel = 15,000. Gcwr = 22,000. Again, hopefully I get a lower reading at the cat scales. So, this is our setup and I believe it seems fit. While traveling in the tow haul mode on hills I was waiting for the kick to 3rd gear but never used it and truck stayed in 4th gear at 3500 rpms. I believe this is where my 4.30 axle is coming in to play. Averaged 9/10 during a week and half camping and traveling. Open for comments and also was curious how many others are pulling a 5th wheel camper with the Ford 6.2L. ?. Thanks and researching to be a safe and happy camper.