View Full Version : 2005 Cameo Furnace Not Working????

11-18-2014, 02:02 PM

In need of some help and not sure what direction to go with this. I have 2005 Cameo LXI that has an issue with what I believe may be the pilot light or the ignition side of the pilot light.

I am trying to take care of the issue myself and not run up a bill at the local RV dealer. I have been using Google trying to find wiring /electronic schematics to no avail. Some sites bring up the virus software and or a scam site, so now I am trying to if maybe one of you guys can help me out.

The fans work but the unit is not producing heat. I believe the electronic on the pilot light has failed. It will not kick on. Everything on the unit works, I checked every fuse and wiring that I can get to and of course no luck.

I am thinking the pilot light ignition maybe be faulty but RV wiring is also really good at shorting out from what I have found on different sites with regards to the bigger power draws in the units.

Where should I start and what could it be? I suppose its possible but don't believe a unit that only has the furnace run once in a blue moon has something major. I clean and maintain the unit well and I always make sure I keep the electronics and the outside access panels are always spotless.

Thanks, Smitty.

11-18-2014, 08:32 PM
Atwood or Suburban furnace?

I just today had my furnace fixed by mobile tech--same symptoms, blower would come on, run for 15-20 seconds and shut down. Burner would not ignite. It was the high limit switch. If you have the Suburban
(mine is the SF 42, pretty common) then the furnace has to be pulled completely out of its chassis--no need to pull the chassis with the ducts on it--to access the switch at the right rear of the burner flue.

Mine is the direct spark ignition--no pilot. Part was $25.00. After seeing it done, will be able to do it myself if it happens again. Without seeing the process, I would have been disconnecting the ducts and trying to pull the furnace AND chassis out together. It is an awkward deal as the assembly is a tight fit and can hang up on the duct blanks that aren't in use.

Hope this helps a little.