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John Harrelson
11-10-2005, 04:15 PM
I have an on-line subscription to the VA's bulletin board/news service. Here are some stats that may surprise you..

"This fiscal year, VA expects to provide...

* health care to 5.2 million patients,
* disability pay to 2.7 million,
* survivors benefits to nearly 350,000,
* educational assistance to 500,000,
* home loan guarantees to about 300,000,
* vocational rehabilitation to 100,000,
* insurance coverage to 7.2 million,
* burials to more than 100,000
* headstones to 350,000.

About 24.3 million veterans are still alive. Since the nation's founding, more than 50 million people have served in the military, with
1.2 million deaths during wartime."

I found this interesting and thought I would pass it along.
If you would like to start receiving these news letters from the VA, simply go to

http://www.va.gov and sign up..

Happy Veterans Day to all
from a very proud American veteran of both Navy and Army

11-11-2005, 09:52 AM
Thanks John - I'm a former Navy Vet myself. The facts you posted are shocking then when you stop and think about them for a minute its sickening. I think there are a good number of people that realize that freedom isn't free and really appreciate the armed forces but the majority do not.