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07-22-2013, 01:24 PM
Hello, I am new to this forum but sure could use some help, photos, or tips on a rear rack. I have a 32" Holiday Rambler and have been plagued with rear rack & bike rack issues. I bought a " 'PRO Series " rear rack then added a Yakima 2 bike rack to it. Well have 3 trips, losing my $ 600.00 Trek bike, broken strapps on the bike rack, broken welds on the rack it self I narrowed it down that the so called " Pro Series " rack is way to flimsy to haul a cooler, some firewood and 2 bikes. I have looked at the newer fold down racks but I am not sure if they are big enough. I think I am going to start from scratch and have one built. I have decided since my rear bumper has qty 2 - 2" male tubes sticking out of it I want to make it slide on those with removable pins, and be somewhere around 3'-4' deep by 6' long with a steel mesh floor. I want it to be square steel tube, and make 4 slots for the bike tires to set in and have a removable tube that extends up 4" so I can strap the bikes too thus them setting on the rack vs hanging from a bike rack. I also want to haul wood on this and also a small refigerator too. I think I am done with the bike racks that the hang them in mid air, I have heard ,seen, and experienced enough. If you have any idea or pics of your own back rack please post as I would like to see what you guys have build or bought which will help me design mine.

07-22-2013, 04:00 PM
You don't say where you are but I would find a fabricator either on Craig's List of possibly a custom car re-builder and sketch a drawing of what it is you want. Have length, width and height measured out and they will be able to give you some figures of cost and time to build and maybe even tweak your design to better suit your needs. Even a welder shop can do this type of fabrication. I would have it built with the trailer in their possession so it will fit correctly and be able to be removed as you need. It will cost more than any already made flimsy Chinese unit, but you will have something that will work and last without breaking apart on the first trip.

Cheif 2
07-24-2013, 06:26 AM
Some of the rear bumpers on the campers are flimsy to say the least. I would look to have a heavy duty hitch with a receiver welded to the frame and then design a heavy duty basket/bike carrier to slide into it. I would use two receiver tubes for the hitch as you won't get the wobble you get with a single hitch set up. It will be much more stable that way and way stronger. Good luck!

07-24-2013, 06:45 AM
Mine is a 96 Holiday Rambler Alumalite, it has a huge steel bumper welded to the frame and the previous owner has qty 2 - 2" steel male adapters welded to it where he used to have a rack that slid on there. Its alot different than the newer lighter weight campers. I have already had a rack on there it was just a junk one - " Pro Series " rack that Amazon sells + a bike rack.