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Patrick Tromborg
07-05-2013, 01:47 PM
I have a Mobile Suites 2003 36 footer with a single air conditioner. This leaves the front bedroom cabin pretty warm in the Fresno summers. I would like to add a second air conditioner. However, I can not find the schematics to my RV so that I can figure out where to cut and mount the 2nd unit. Any suggestions?

07-06-2013, 11:33 AM
You are going to find that DRV / Mobile Suites doesn't have schematics, wiring diagrams or other construction documents.

I have an 05 38' rig. On ours the second AC is located over the bed towards the sink area in the front of the rig. It is closer to the aft edge of the bed (king sized) than the middle of it. That is where the return air intakes are located and should be just below the blower cage portion of the AC unit. At least in the 05 versions, the bedroom / bath areas were pretty much the same in the 36' and 38' rigs.

You'll need to determine if there is any wiring already in place for a second AC unit. I have no idea if that was even an option at that time in the 36' rig.

07-07-2013, 08:08 PM
We just had a 2nd A/C installed on our '06 at Indiana Interstate RV Service. The new A/C's are completely different wiring than the old ones. Dometic has conversion "boxes" but they do not always work. When Paul Cross at Indiana Interstate could not get any of the Dometic cross over boxes to work, Dometic told him that he would have to replace both of our A/C's. Thanks to Paul's knowledge and tenacity to fix things the right way, he was able to rewire one of the boxes and make the old A/C work along with the new one rather than just replace the old one. Paul also knows these rigs better than anyone else, especially the older ones since he helped start up DRV. I would highly recommend calling him before you start anything like adding a second A/C. You will also probably find that having him install it is worth the cost and assurance that it will work.