View Full Version : Source for over stuffed pickup seat?

06-27-2013, 07:57 PM
Hi folks,

Although I am not a camper, I figure you good folks who spend a lot of time driving your towing vehicle, often a pickup truck, would know of any good sources for buying a very comfortable (like overstuffed furniture quality) truck seat to fit a pickup.

I have a 2007 Ram Quad Cab 4x4, with very low mileage (less than 20k) because the seat causes sciatica issues for me whenever I drive it. I am hoping to find some kind of custom replacement seat to help. It would need to have lots of padding, like a plush recliner would have for house furniture. And not have such a deep bucket 'angle' like the stock seat has (7 inch difference in height front to back on the seat cushion, even at the lowest setting on the power seat controls).

I did not see a category in which this seemed to fit, so I put the post here. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I am located in Northern Ohio.

Adan Bailey
08-28-2013, 06:42 AM
I am also facing the same issue and the seat causes sciatica issues which greatly disturb me a lot. I have also a 2007 Ram Quad Cab 4x4 ad searching the solution from expertise.

08-28-2013, 11:20 AM
I never found an answer for where to get a better seat. But if you are mechanically inclined, and have the necessary tools, you might look into doing what I did. For liability reasons, I won't get into "how" I did it. But I lowered the front mounting points of the driver side seat track by 3 inches, taking the completely asinine 7 inch drop from front to rear of the seat cushion down to a far more comfortable 4 inches. It is rather like driving a car now. :) And gives me blessed relief from what used to be constant pain within 5 minutes of getting behind the wheel. There is a lot of wasted space under the power seat, which is what made this possible.

I am also getting an Airhawk Pro Truck Seat (bariatric) cushion, if RoHo ever gets off their collective haunches and builds the thing (drop ship item on national backorder).

I hope you find a solution. :)