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08-28-2005, 05:14 PM
On my first 5er in 2000 pin height was to low after I installed a Trail Air pin box.
I then had my springs put on top of axels, then had to raise my hitch one hole then all was level.
On my next 5er 2004 I moved springs to top of axels myself, I did this while in a camp ground in Ca. I have a friend who has a portable welder, needed to do the job.
Took about 3 hours and all went well.
I have towed about 40,000 miles in two 5er with spring over axles and no problems. We have been West to East and back 4 times and gone on North and South trips all around the country.

Larry & Kathy

12-03-2006, 06:11 PM
This is just a small update to last years post.

Well we are now in our 7 year of fulltimg with our 13'6" high 5ers, hit 100,000 miles no problem on the road but some camp grounds who do not trim there trees are a minor problem.

One of the thing I love abut my 5er height is room under the frame and rolling under with my creeper to work on plumbing,electric and tv cables.
I also have a storage compartment over the axles for holiday seasonal items.

Larry & Kathy plus Meeko who love the 32deg. temp