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06-25-2012, 11:01 AM
Have a Thor Jazz 5th wheel single slide Bunk house model about 32'.
At times the slide would stick a bit and if the slide was rocked it would operate. Yesterday it worked in and out and now it won't go out at all. You can hear the ratchet of the motor.
That is the question,
the slide motor must be in the underbelly,
but where??
will have to cut a hole to access it, but need to know where to cut.
Can't find any manual over ride.
Any problem solvers out there??
Thank you

07-15-2012, 06:39 PM
Not that I know anything about Thor models, but by backtracking the slideout bar, you will know where to cut into the belly covering. On my MS, I had to go in about 3-4' into the covering before I got to the rollers. I have no idea how yours is set up, but there will be an electric motor in there somewhere with long, square metal bars going to the other bar. Barker may be the brand on your gear motors...
If the motor is turning, then the gears are stipped, or the bar is broken. It may be no more than a shear pin gone, or the motor itself.
It isn't too hard to figure out once you get it uncovered.

07-16-2012, 09:33 AM
When i cut the openings in the bottom material on my trailer, I cut so the flap opened from the rear of the coach. This way if your driving along and for some reason that flap comes loose it will not drop to allow rain and junk to enter. I only cut 3 sides about 15 inches so I could squeeze my chunky body up into the cavity. To re-secure I bought long 1X2 pieces of wood and cut to fit the open areas. Using screws to secure the wood over lapping so the flap had something to screw into. Has worked from the first day I did it about 5 years ago. I should take photos some day. As far as the slide out goes if you need to cut more than one access point to find the exact area, you should have no issues because you might need to be able to get farther than you can reach under there. Once you can see the operation of the slide unit you should be able to determine the real cause. They are pretty simple units.