View Full Version : Water leak at bottom of stairs

02-19-2012, 09:48 AM
I am new to the forum so hello to everyone. I own a 2009 Montana 10th aniv edition and bought it a few mths ago

I noticed when camping over the past weekend i had a small trace of water on the right side of the bottom stair where the lanolium( vinyl flooring ) meet.

The carpet was wet only about 3 inches high above the vinyl floor which tells me its not coming down from the right side of the coach

(My shower is on the left side of the coach for what its worth)

I build motors for a hobby and i do believe in cause and effect. This past weekend was bitterly cold and I had my furnace on more than usual. The small leak ... and it was minimal .... was near the furnace wood grate. If my memory serves me correct there are two openings on the steps .... one in the center and one on the bottom that meets the floor.

Any suggestions ??


port charlotte fl