View Full Version : What kind of an inverter do you require?

11-03-2011, 11:57 PM
Solar inverters are an important part of converting to solar energy. The type of system you need is dependent on whether you want to be on the grid or off the grid. However, there are many safety concerns to take into consideration.

A solar inverter is specifically a type of electrical inverter. Often used with home appliances and on power grids, it is used to change the direct current (DC), which is the kind of current collected from solar rays into alternating current (AC),.

Mainly, there are three types of solar inverters and all are compatible with solar panels. But the choice is dependent on whether you want to be on the utility grid or off the utility grid. Depending on your energy needs, any solar inerters australia (http://www.solarswitchaustralia.com.au/) Company can help you choose this.

Stand-alone inverters are used by isolated solar systems where the inverter is used to draw the DC energy from the batteries which are charged by solar panels. The stand-alone inverters are mostly used in combination with battery charges which help to replenish the battery from the AC source. Because they have no connection with the power grid, they do not have to have anti-islanding protection.

Grid-tie inverters are specially designed to shut down automatically when the power supply stops working with them. This is for safety reasons, and it also means that they don't work during power outages. This can be a drawback.They also make sure that the solar energy is in phase with the energy from the utility company.

The last group of inverters is the battery backup inverter. These inverters obtain energy from the battery and help to transfer excess energy back to the grid. Battery backup solar inverters can be used during power cuts and also are required to have and use anti-islanding protection. Hence they are a lot safer.