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06-09-2011, 04:23 PM
To whom it may concern;

Re: Repeated Failures of SHURflo Extreme Series Smart Sensor 5.7 water pumps.

On October 29, 2007 I took delivery of a new DRV luxury 5th Wheel coach. I actually paid a premium of $225.00 to upgrade to the Smart Sensor water pump. In August of 2008 that pump failed. Because we were in a remote area of Montana I ordered a replacement pump from Camping World, paying $205.00 for the new pump. I felt that it would be good to have a spare as a backup just in case. Little did I know how important having backups would become.

The following is the chronology of my problems with your product.

10/29/07 New pump in a new coach. Paid premium of ($225.00)
08/02/08 Original pump failed. Replacement from Camping World ($205.00)
08/28/08 You ship a replacement for original pump. Refer to R102058.
09/05/09 The pump purchased @ Camping World failed. Warranty replacement #2. Refer to R109293.
09/02/09 Another failure and another warranty replacement pump. Refer to R110065.
06/08/11 Another failure of pump serial # 81954; Mfg. Date 7-09.
06/09/11 I installed my back up pump serial # 70555 Mfg. Date 2-09.

As you can see I have endured three replacements so far, with a fourth pending. I have invested $430.00 plus shipping of three defective pumps, another $36.00.

I paid a visit to your Elkhart, IN facility to drop off one of the defective pumps. I was told, by Tom, that the latest version of the pump was much more reliable and that I should not have any more issues. However, I have continued to experience difficulties. I am a “Fulltime” RV traveler and do not use the pump all that often. But when I need it, I need the pump to work!

I have lost faith in your product and would like to return the two that I have in exchange for $466.00 from you so that I can install one of your competitors pumps. Please approve the return and send me a prepaid shipping label for the return. When you receive the pumps you can send me a check.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response and action as I have requested.

06-10-2011, 09:06 AM
Last summer our 5.7 went out in NW PA. Because it was a weekend and the water pressure was so low in the CG, we used the pump quite often. So decided to head to the nearest Camping World down in Akron.

They didn't have any of the 5.7's anywhere in the store. They had the lower version and the newer Revolution. We bought what they had because it was such a long drive.

I emailed DRV after receiving a response from Shurflo. Apparently, Shurflo had a major problem with them and nothing in stock to ship us. So, DRV sent us a replacement and we shipped the bad one back for them to send in for warranty.

06-10-2011, 01:50 PM
For sure the Shurflo Extreme 5.7 GPM Water Pump has not been a roaring success for Shurflo.

I too have had multiple failures (3) but to date I have not had to pay a nickle for replacements -- Shurflo has been very good about honouring the warranty. I have been lucky to be in a good place when the pumps failed.

After 3 failures of the Extreme 5.7 (all failures were different) I opted to accept a different model in exchange for the latest failed 5.7. The latest pump is a 3 GPM model with a mechanical as opposed to an electronic control system. It has a new 3-year warranty. I was ecouraged to do this after Carney Bill reported on this forum the success with his similar replacement. Thank you Bill.

I like the new pump. Hardly notice a difference in flow rate and it is quieter. Time will tell how reliable it is. Simpler is better.

Shurflo advised me during my visit to their Elkhart facility in April, 2011 that the Extreme 5.7 will soon be discontinued. A higher volume pump of the same model I got will take its place. That is a new pump and is expected to be available by the end of this year, if not before.

Sorry you have had such out of pocket expense for your problems. The choice to carry a spare comes with a price tag and so far I have resisted.

I admire your honesty to state that you want a refund to buy a competitor's product but if that doesn't work I would recommend you negotiate an exchange of your pump for another model. Shurflo is a good company and they recognize they have a flawed product. Not all their pumps are problematic and they stand behind them all.

Good luck.

06-14-2011, 07:57 PM
As some of you know, I went through 3 5.7s in 4 years. I must say, Shurflo was good about replacement but I did pay for instalation (1 hour at $100/hr) and shipping costs for sending the old pump back to Shurflo and the new pump to me. Mine always broke while in Canada and no dealer I found would replace the pump unless I paid the freight both ways. The FREE replacement usually cost me $100 freight plus labor. Good thing Shurflo is giving up on the 5.7. From the amount that were replaced I'm sure they didn't make any money on them. (the high freight cost was for air as I couldn't wait 2 weeks for ground shipping)