View Full Version : Wheel Balance on Wildcat 29BHBP

07-19-2005, 02:55 PM
We are getting ready for a long trip to Idaho and back through Yellowstone and as I was looking to see when I last rotated/balanced the tires on our Dodge I though I'd check the camperss tires.
I found no wheel weights on the inside or outside of the rim - not even a mark where one was installed and possibly fell off which can only mean the factory just throws the tires on after quickly mounting them. NICE!
When I took them in for a balance we found 2 of the 4 wheels slightly bent and needed 6 oz. of weight to balance out.
After looking at another Wildcat as well as a Work&Play which is also by Forest River I found the same thing none of the tires were balanced.

This could be why there are so many tire failures - you may want to check your camper and send a letter to Forest River asking them to charge an additional .49 cents on the price of a new camper to cover the cost of the lead wheel weights.

04-06-2006, 03:36 PM
I just bought a Wildcat 29RLBP. I have been on two short checkout trips but this weekend I plan on replacing the Valve stems and balancing the tires. I use Discount Tries here in Texas. Have you had any problem with the tires on your Wildcat.. The tires on mine are very close to the GVWR of the trailer if not less. They are rated for 2800#, Trailer GVWR is 11490. I have added the Dran Monitoring System...

Probably one of my worst fears is having a tire go bad and damaging the Trailer.. I will let you know how the tires balance out..

04-07-2006, 08:21 AM
The tires are not supporting the total load of the trailer. Your carrying maybe as much as 2,300 lbs on the pin(maybe less) so the tires would not be at their max. But the balance side to side could and does account for many tire failures. One side of the trailer heavier than the other, equals one set of tires, or tire carrying a load above the other side.