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06-15-2010, 09:28 PM
Hello Guys and Ladies, i just joined this site and now wished i had found it earlier. I have an 06 Elite 36TK3 and i have numorous issues wit it. I will start with the generator, it specs out for a 5500 gen, but the previous owner and his infinite wisdom had a 6500 onan propane gen installed, it will only run for bout 2-3 hours during cold weather, i have been awoke several times with icicles on my nose due to this issue, the boneheads at the dealership i purchased my rig from said it had to small of a regulator, and that they installed a larger one. I was born at nite but not that nite before. Is there any suggestions for this first of many issues? the next one is leaking curbside landing gear. :x

06-16-2010, 08:29 AM
Try posting on the DRV Suite section of this forum.
And also, join the http://suitesowners.com/index.php forum.
These are great people who have had all the same problems and know all the solutions....

06-16-2010, 12:00 PM
No help on the gen, sorry.

As far as the landing gear is concerned. Where exactly is it leaking? If it is leaking on the outside of the cylinder or mounting tube it could be a fitting that has come loose. Make sure the hose fittings are tight on the hydraulic nipples. If it is leaking on the inside of the ram assembly and dribbling down the leg it is likely to be a seal gone bad. The only solution is to replace the ram. They are not rebuildable as Lippert buys rather inexpensive rams and does not have parts. They just swap them out.

Since yours is an 06 model it should still be in warranty (5 years) on the assembly but not on the hoses. Changing the ram isn't complicated but will require that you put the front of the trailer way up in the air and then dig a hole under the ram so you can remove it and put in the replacement if you do it yourself.

If it is a hose, block the trailer up and remove the hose. Take it to a hydraulic hose manufacturer (look in the phone book under hydraulics) and have them make you a new one. It must have a working pressure of 2800 PSI. Mount the new hose, purge the air out of it and you should be done after replacing the lost ATF fluid in the reservoir.

There are posts in the DRV section about both of those processes.

06-16-2010, 07:06 PM
Thanks for the info, actually i did troubleshoot according to Lipperts procedure, and found the curbside ram to be bad, I ordered a new ram and installed it yesterday but after all the hassle renting a auger, gettin fluid all over me,haha, that it leaks down faster than before i changed the ram, i also copied motor31 on his invention but went a step further and put a u bolt with a flat plate on the leg and a clevis for the cable. The hose clamps held but stretched a bit more than i wanted. I think the other ram may be bad as well but after reading motor31s info i found a very very very small seep at a hose crimp, DRV will be and has never been any help since i am the second owner, upon reading on this forum i have had alot of the same problems that alot of other owners have and continue to have, toilet, slide tearing my floor, a/c solenoids, leaks,etc. I will be glad to join the Suites owners club, this forum has been very helpful and i plan to look at it frequently, I welcome and deeply appreciate any of you alls assistance.

06-16-2010, 11:18 PM
Why not take the Onan/trailer to an Onan dealer--surely they could diagnose why it won't stay running.

As far as 2nd owners--that is me, also, and I have had good luck with DRV and getting assistance, altho my '05 MS hasn't had any big issues.

Keep a positive outlook and keep working with DRV--the trailers are some of the best available, and sooner or later you will have it working as you need it to.


And welcome to the forum--let us know how you do as the problems get solved.

06-17-2010, 06:43 AM
the boneheads at the dealership i purchased my rig from said it had to small of a regulator, and that they installed a larger one.
Did the larger regulator fix your gen. problem?
Because I was going to say that your problem is probably frozen propane related.
These propane powered generators use a lot of propane. Witch makes the tanks, lines, and regulators really frost up.

06-17-2010, 11:56 AM
Hey Huck i havent had ay luck with DRV, They will not even return my calls after they look up the vin number, and of course these worthless extended warrantys are not worth the paper they are written on, we have had this rig for 3years now and instantly started having issues. We love the coach its of course unsettling and disheartning to spend that much money and have this many issues. I prevoiusly owned a Montana and had very very minimal issues, I currently have the same issue that motor31 dealt with and i have updated his original design on the safety cable. I have talked with onan about this issue but my closest dealer does not have the space to park and leave my rig, they cannot secure it and its not in a good section of town. I also called DRVs repair guy last week and of course with me being second owner i was basically told it was on me of course, and i told them i had thought of bringing my rig to DRV and parking it in front with a big sign that read Beautiful rig but sorry service, and as i stated bfore we really Love this unit but my goodness every time i leave with it something else goes wrong, and i use it alot, its my home away from home, I travel for work so i keep the roads hot. Sorry to talk your ears off there and Thank u for listenin, Oh i will take some pics of the update to Motor31s idea i used.

06-18-2010, 02:32 PM
I think your generator is fine.
The next time your generator shuts down, go look at the propane tanks and the regulator. I'll bet that you will see massive amounts of frost on both of them.

06-19-2010, 11:43 AM
Will do Huck and thankyou. Motor31 i replaced one ram on the curbside didnt see any visible fluid anywhere but still leakin down so im gona replace the door side this week, and since im the second owner no warranty of course, so another 350 dollars. Someone told me to start postin on the DRV forum on this website so I will start doin that and Thank you everyone for your help with these issues, so i will see you on the other forum.

01-11-2011, 04:19 AM
This problem might be because of carb, deassemble the carb and clean it out, check the fuel line if it is not soft then replace the same.