View Full Version : Chev C4500 owners...Question

06-21-2005, 09:23 PM
We looked at a new 2004 c4500 that has the Monroe bed and air suspension this week. We saw a bar sticking out underneath the truck, in front of the rear axle, that looked like a sway bar. The problem is that the part of the bar that was lowest and looked like an "L" elbow was probably 6-8" above the ground. We're thinking 6" is more accurate. Is this normal and does yours have it?? Our concern is that after putting a fifth-wheel on it it would be even closer to the ground. The salesman didn't have a clue on it so I need some help from you guys. Thanks ahead of time...Scott and Brenda

06-22-2005, 08:03 AM
Scott & Brenda: You mentioned that the truck has air suspension. I don't believe GM provides air suspension as an option on the 4500 so I'll make a stab at guessing the air suspension was provided by Monroe and may be of a third party mfg.. That bar you see may be the forward mounted "pivot point" for the axle which will seem low due to having to maintain driveshaft/pinion input angle when axle moves up & down. The benefits of the air suspension ride may be enough to negate the usually remote possibility that you will "ground" that pivot point.