View Full Version : Slide out malfunction

02-20-2010, 11:40 AM
Good Morning:
I am trying to help a friend who just bought a very nice '95 Royal. (Palm Springs Ca.) He was told that the big living roomslide out would retract but not extend. We got it out by removing the two wires frm the motor to the block and applying 12 V to the two wires. One direction puts it in and reveersing the + and -- puts it out.. So, the motor is good. we have located the limit switch which stops it when fully in but cannot locate a limit switch which stops it when fully extended. Can anyone help wih this? We are told by the slide manufutrer that there is a "blue box" which controls the extend function, but cannot locate it. we have looked behind the switch panel and under the floor near the slide motor??? We are stumped and would sure appreciate some advicde