View Full Version : Adding a "Garage" to a HDT (ex. Volvo 6xx, 770)

06-11-2009, 03:19 PM
I am a travel nurse. I am looking to buy a good used 5th wheel (full-time type), and in reading this site, it seems to be more cost efficient to buy a used HDT than a new HD Pick-up.
The problem for me is I would need to use the HDT to run errands, and go to work. That could be a problem.
What I am thinking about is stretching a HDT and put a garage on it. If I could do that I would put a car lift in the garage, giving me even more extra space. Is this possible?

06-12-2009, 10:31 AM
Yes you can put a car up there, I've seen some very small cars (Smart cars) that are winched up onto the truck and one truck that had a full size Jeep CJ on the back lengthwise. The trailer hitch had to be put on a frame extension. That made for a very long combination and also meant he had to have long ramps to drive the Jeep up on the truck.

We have a Jeep that we tow behind the trailer and that is legal in most states. If you are single that wouldn't be an option as there would be no one to drive the toad if you got to a state that it wasn't legal.

Go visit the escapees web site and ask there. There is a TON of info and options with the folks that post on that site. We all like helping newbies get started.