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04-26-2009, 02:16 PM
Has anyone found any LED lights that can replace the 12v bulbs that give off decent light but dont cost a huge amount?

11-28-2015, 10:24 AM
I have recently installed EVERY light fixture, inside and out, with LEDs. My used fiv'er has 2 lamps (120v) on the deck behind the sofa and 2 in the overhead lights, 17-12v (1141), 4-1057, 2-brake light/ turn signal lights (forgot the number), 7-192 running lights and 3 others (porch light, front jack switch light and porch light)

That's 37 lights for about $100-110. That about $3/bulb ( have a few extras as I ordered in even number lots-didn't figure those in but would lower per bulb cost).

I got all of mine off Amazon or eBay.
Oops. I still have to replace the bulb in the exhaust hood above the hood but one of the extras should work.

Additional thought: watch the brightness rating or temperature as some LEDs are white and other more "yellow". Wife likes bight white in under cabinet for cooking and food prep. Milder yellow in fixtures in high ceiling and in bedroom.