View Full Version : To many options and to much cash to gamble what to buy.

03-24-2008, 09:24 PM
Attention all hitch and pin box mfg's offer a trial period for your products! Buying a hitch or pin box to eliminate chucking, bucking, bouncing & humping is like buying a car or finding a wife. You never know what you get till you are stuck.
I want to either upgrade my hitch from a std reese 16K to a Curt Q5 or buy a cushioned pin box .....or maybe even both with our big tax rebate!

Will the curt eliminate some chucking? It is the cheapest option at this point since i can trade in my old hitch. The bucking i think is what scares me the most. Throw in a little turbo surge at the same time and i am in for a white knuckle ride.

Has anyone other than the mfg's performed a comparison of all the pin box's? I found a real nice one comparing trail air vs 5th airborne the fellow did a hell of a job and i thank him.

Any input is greatly appreciated.