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$325 for 2 batteries? Are you using 6 volt Golf Cart Batteries?

John & Peggy
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However, in all fairness to DT, do they have any way of knowing how to check the date of manufacture? If not, how do they know what the Interstate distributor delivers to them.
Next, how can you be assured the dealer is not just shooting from the hip?
In looking at my batteries I notice that the sticker on the battery begins with the year 1 and ends with 0, thus it is a 10 year sticker which can be used "ad infinitum" Would be real easy for the dealer to make the flying asumption that it was manufactured in 01 because of the sticker which would be totally bogus. He is assuming the customer will be none the wiser. He may be right, but I would sure check further.

Another lesson here: Scratch the little thingy's off the battery for the date corresponding to the date of purchase/or manufacture of your rig!!

Sorry I could not have had the following info for you sooner! Having just acquired this info, I have serioius doubts that your battery was manufactured in 2001.

IGOTJAM , I called the Interstate distributor in Ft. Worth and talked with Ray. I have 6 volt batteries and on the top of one of the posts is a "5 G". My batteries were manufactured in July of '05. My batteries were virtually right off the production line when installed in my rig the end of July '05.
Call Ray at 817-429-2042 and he will be glad to tell you the date of manufacture of your batteries. Be standing by your batteries when you call or have numbers written down to give him when you call.

6volt Deep Cycle - $110.95 each suggested retail/with your old cores returned, otherwise there is a core charge.
I hope you kept your old batteries or can get access to them. If not I would be raising a stink with someone.[/b]

Ron & Connie
Texas Nomads
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Originally Posted by Motor31
That would be a good question to ask the factory. They put the batteries in the rig, not the dealer.
Very true, but that doesn't mean they weren't swapped out at the dealer for some odd reason.
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Further Interstate Battery info for future reference:

The U2200 6 volt deep cycle battery, can be bought locally for $116.95 at some Interstate dealers.

Sam's Club sells the PFGC2 battery which is identical to the U2200, according to the Interstate Distributor. Considerably less money!! $61.48

As stated in an earlier post, you can tell the date of manufacture by looking on the top of one of the posts will be a number and a letter. The number will be the year and the letter will be A (Jan.) thru L (Dec.); thus 5G would be July 2005.

Interstate also makes a U2300 and U2400 which are heavier duty but are the same physical dimensions, which would be of value to those who do a lot of dry camping. Could not find any locally and have no idea of the cost.

Here is a link to the specs on the 6 volt batteries:

Hope this saves someone some $$.
Ron & Connie
Texas Nomads
""Love your country - - Fear your government!!""
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Thanx for all the info. I saw the same batteries at Camping World for $99 each.. I guess I got taken for $325. I took the dead interstates and dropped them off at Doubletree (Tom Peck) on my way through Indiana. He said he would look into it and let me know. That was 2 weeks ago (tomorrow). Have heard nothing.

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