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08 F450 Towing Vib's

Have any of you F450 owners experienced any vibrations when pulling away form a stop?

We now have 28k miles on our 08 F450 and since new, we have had a vibration, but when accelerating from a stop and only when towing. It is only detected from 1 to 5 mph, approx 1500 - 2000 rpm and hate to have to start up a grade where high torque loads are required. It can be bad enough to make dash tray items move.

I have had it into several Ford dealerships and so far, they have not found a fix. They have re-shimmed the rear axle, replaced the drive line and driven it a bunch.

They are looking at empty vs. loaded driveling angles now. One dealer said Ford had suggested air springs. I told them I would not do that unless it was installed by FMC (Ford Motor Corp) at their expense as an OEM part. I went with the F450 to get the tow/weight ratings and that I had no issues like this with the old Dodge 3500 pulling the same RV. The Dodge brakes would not stop it.

It is a real pain having to take your home to the truck dealers to get repairs made on the truck, now I know how motorhome owners feel.

I have another appointment (at another dealer) to take the rig in this week and will be weighing it to get currant weights. The last time I weighed, I only had 4350# pin weight. The rear bumper only drops 2 5/16" when I lift the front legs.

Keith and Penne
Fulltimers - 2005
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2008 F450 CC Lariat
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Carny Bill
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You could try jacking it up and putting a Chevy under it......

I am completely joking, could not pass this one up.....Bill

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I have the exact same problem and I am going to install Firestone air bags... you can go to The Diesel Stop forum and do a search on "shudder" and find lots of threads about it... I am including one here (even tho the title of the thread is blaming the tranny):

I have talked to people who have had Ford shim the carrier bearing only to have the shudder occur when empty.. I have also talked to those that have not had the problem no matter what load they are carrying.... so rather than shifting the problem or dealing with Ford, air bags will be my (hopefully) cure..

I am with you Ford should pony up for the proper fix, but that ain't gonna happen... the softer spring pack and the longer springs in the 450 pickups to give us a less "commercial truck" ride, I feel, is the problem..

Good luck..
Bill & Jennifer
Retired and Full-Timing
2009 Ford F450
2010 DRV MS 36RSSB3 #5073
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You didn't indicate what kind of transmission you have. If it is a standard it could be clutch chatter from a glazed clutch plate or a sticky clutch pressure plate that does not engage fully at first. There may also be problems with the flywheel portion either being contaminated, warped or imperfections in the surface.
Mike Nancy and the fuzzies
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450 transmissions

There have been almost no F450s in the '08/'09 years, pickup production, made with a manual transmission. There will be NO manuals in the 2011 models. The 'shudder' from a dead start under load is a known problem, but how to stop it?? Mine has only a slight vibe and it doesn't bother me at all--my '04 350 SRW had it, my '07 350 DRW had it and neither had a driveline failure/repair before I traded each at near and after 100k miles.
My PW is about 4200# and the truck sits near level loaded. There is a 60k warranty on the powertrain and I plan on extending it to 100k. As far as my truck is concerned, it is a minor irritant. Since no other mfg makes a truck with the tow ratings of the 450, then an MDT/HDT is the only option.
2011 GM 3500s are supposed to be uprated, and the 2011 F450s are derated--maybe sales decline will help wake Ford up.
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I have a 2010 F-450 and do not have the issue with mine with our Elite Suite.

I haven't measured bumper drop, but have the following scale weights -

Front Axle - 5300
Rear Axle - 4480
Total - 9780

Front Axle 5300
Rear Axle - 8960
Trailer Axle - 14,620
Total - 28,880

Pin Weight - 4480
Trailier Weight - 19,100
Robert Raab / Bruce Waterfield
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Your pin weight is within a couple hundred pounds of mine when I scaled our rig. Sounds like good distribution and a level trailer in tow.

Mike Nancy and the fuzzies
Fulltiming since June 2004
Volvo 660 MH tow vehicle
2005 MS 38RL
2007 Saturn Ion "toad"
2010 Gold Wing "piggyback"
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