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Originally Posted by LindaH View Post
Still, staying in weather that cold requires a LOT of preparation. Are there even any RV parks open during the winter in the area you need to be?
I would suggest not buying any RV if you plan on living in it year 'round in Ohio...wait until you are in a position where you can leave during the winter.
ON EDIT: JAB, I just noticed on another post where you just bought a 2009 Suites. Are you not happy with it and looking to trade already? If not, then don't you think it's a little late for your question here?
Originally Posted by wingnut60 View Post
Can't help you with a better choice of brands, but I can relate a little to extended cold weather living in trailers--10 years in WY in oilfield work and living in camps for entire winters in units designed for cold weather is still not real fun. A 2-3" wall with window openings that are exposed to below-zero temps on the outside with 70 d on the inside with humidity present inside will always cause problems. You have to have a heat source to counter the cold and buildings with movable parts will always struggle to keep up with an unending source of heat loss (outside temps). The best way to live during really long cold periods is to NOT BE THERE.
Thus, the snowbird life.
I do not think anyone can make a truly comfortable portable unit to counter long periods of cold. Having spent some time in our Suites in cold weather, I would never attempt to live thru a winter in some of the places that RVers do--but maybe I'm just a wimp.
Just my thoughts.
Having spent several yrs. in northern Ohio, couple of yrs. in northern Montana in a trailer I can safely say "I ain't cowboy enough for that stuff any more."
Granted it can be done, but it isn't fun. We had a Travel Supreme which was a fairly sturdy trailer. It was purchased in WY so it was fully sealed and enclosed, plus had a sturdy marine grade clip on full underpinning. Tank and drain line heaters, and as LindH noted a good deal of other preparation(s). We also had the local co-op set a 125 Gal. "pickle" LP tank using an extension hose. A couple aux electric heaters, heat tape, etc. etc. Did I mention closed cell insulation, everywhere?
Water and waste kept flowing without much issue. You'll want to find creative ways to remove snow build up promptly, while you're on the ground. Particularly from the slide outs.

Dealing with moisture is a major issue. Even what comes from your breathing, let alone pets, cooking & bathing, etc. At -20 Deg. the windows, frames would be covered with ice (inside), we might even get patches of frost forming on the interior wall panels outlining the framing studs. Constant vigilance is require to combat Mildew!

As Wingnut mentions they put wheels under these things for a reason, to chase 70 deg. weather around.
If you're not pleased with a Suite, I doubt there is much out there that is going to perform radically better.

My old bones prefer the southwest desert of the two evils.
Best of luck.

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