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What is the max tire pressure allowed written on the tire, PSI and what is the max load carrying capacity at that max pressure? It should be obvious that it is not normal to have one location always the spot where a tire would fail if it was not overloaded or under inflated or a combination of both. Not being able to run over a scale that would give you each tire load makes you have to guess and we have found guessing is normally inaccurate. One side of the trailer might be much heavier than the other side. Not having a equal load on the axles could then overload one tire position. Not all trailers need to run level, scales prove that out. You try to equal the loads on each axle, and depending on the interior layout, the items stored and carried and the hight of the hitch all play into the weights being moved and carried by the axles/tires.
Some folks just go buy a larger wheel/tire combo and fix the overload issue that way, actually they don't fix the overload, just get a higher capacity tire and then the tire failures stop. The overload is still there just not exposing itself any longer..
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