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On the Eartec. The 1st time we tried to back the 5r into our driveway, it was clear that Joy yelling trying to communicate from the back of the 5r was not going to work. Ergo the Eartec - a lightweight hands free solution. They are full duplex (we can talk and hear each other at the same time). The audio sound quality is superb. Ours had a weak battery in the beginning that only charged to 3.4vdc and dropped to 3.1vdc after 2 minutes use. The customer service at Eartec is very good - sent a new pair the next day. The one issue with all Eartec talkies is the proprietary batteries. Well, also price. You cannot drop into CVS and pickup a spare battery!!

On the jack stands. When I went through the things I might need to change a tire in the middle of nowhere, I wanted to safely support the axle. I already had a 12 ton bottle jack I could dedicate to the 5r. One thing I did not mention on my AMZN list was a CDI 2503MFRMH 1/2" drive torque wrench 30-250# range.
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