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Weight Verification - Thanks!

Hi All,

I know this has been discussed a lot and I have read it all.....but, still want to make sure my numbers are correct. If anyone has the time, could you please take a look and give me a double check? Thanks in advance!

So, we have an 2018 Dutchmen 2952RLF.

Dry weight = 8950
Loaded weight = 10560
Expected Pin weight @20% = 2112lbs


F250 - 6.2l gasser, 4x4 Fx4
GVWR = 10,000lbs
Curb weight 6456lbs

So, I did the calculation as follows:

6460(curb weight) + 400(people weight) + 2112(pin weight) + 400(misc stuff) = 9372lbs.

10000-9372 = 628lbs (undermax)

Is this correct?

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance for ya'll giving me a quick QC.


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