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Homework homework it!!!

I own a 2013 DRV Elite Suite when purchased it had an MSRP of $160,000 with trade of a 2006 Koutry Air (that I wish I still owned) I financed $110,000 in other words I got my trade stole from me. I was informed last week that high trade value was $40,000. I would like to know how I've lost $120,000 in 5 years. Invest your money wisely and $120,000....loss in 5 years is not wisely!!!! If I could do everything all over again I would have saved my money and I would have bought a used diesel pusher 5+ years old (((look around at the high end low mile flagship pushers on the net great deals for about the same price of a new 5th wheel))) so most of its depreciation has happened they are built 10000 times better than any fifth wheel on the road and I'm talking low quality beginner entry level diesel pushers. If I took the time and got into the level of detail of issues I've had with my Elite Suite you would get sick and tired of reading. It would read like a very boring novel all I can tell you is I've had issues from day one (I have the receipts to back it up). I will never own another DRV product as long as I live. If you must stay with fifth wheels I would sure check out probably New Horizons, Spacecraft, or possibly a Lux I've heard good things. New Horizon and Spacecraft are one-off in other words they're not built on some assembly line where they're being paid piece work.
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