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I commend your choice of 5er for your family situation. We have a Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL, a 40' mid bunk, which works for us as the 'bunkie' will be turned into a craft/computer room by removing the bunks. The Sandpiper you have your eyes on is a better choice as a tv room, as it has a couch.

The other thing I notice is that the living room tv is opposite the cooking area, not on the same side. The 'chef' can watch the 6:00 news while preparing dinner, something we never thought of when we bought the Chaparral.

I did a LOT of research on pricing. For Sandpipers, be sure to check out Holman RV (Click here for Holman) in the Cincinnati area and RV Wholesalers (Click here -RVW) near Dayton, Ohio. Many from far and wide have said best prices and worth the trip.

Best of luck and enjoy!!
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