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Sadly, a Sort of a Saga Ends

Last weekend, I posted questions regarding the items we were considering on deleting in order to get the price of the Mobile Suites 38TKSB3 down a little more. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded with such valuable comments. I have come to value the opinions of all of you in our search for our Dream RV.

We went back to the dealer with our price sheet with the options we elected to take and put the Dinette Slide powered awning back into the equation. With all the answers from so many respondents, we decided that the Honda EU3000IS will be sufficient for what we anticipate.

While waiting in the dealership, I wandered through the part and accessories area, where I spotted a different satellite system. It is a portable one that can be moved around outside to a location with access to the satellite, and then it finds the signal on its own. Priced at about $745, it is a whole lot cheaper than buying the Winegard on the roof of the fifth wheel. Plus, that is less in the way of holes that is put in the roof.

Our salesman, who is also an assistant manager or something there, then started crunching the numbers. When he gave us the news, it was crunch time for Jo and me.

So, I am pleased to announce that we put down our deposit and ordered the Mobile Suites 38TKSB3. Based on forum comments that DRV takes about 12 weeks to build a fifth wheel, we should get ours sometime in mid to late May. So, unless something drastic happens, it is a DONE DEAL.

Of course, for those that aren’t aware of our plans, when our home sells, we will be living full time in the Mobile Suites while we continue to work. Then, once we retire, we will be able to hit the road full time. Until then, vacations and long weekends will have to suffice. But at least the dream will have begun.

We should get the Mobile Suites in time to go to an Oklahoma state park for either Memorial Day weekend or July 4th weekend. That way we can test things out more before we take our two week vacation in August up near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Oh, but wait……

……..the subject title said, “Sadly”.

Well, that is because now that our decision has been made, I’m going to have to find something else to while away my time instead of researching RV’s. Maybe I can now get some of those “other irons out of the fire” like completing the digitizing of my collection of vinyl records to put on CD’s. Of course, I will continue to keep up with the forums and the friends that I have met there.

Thanks again to all of you. We really look forward to meeting face to face someday.

Terry and Jo
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